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Dr. Anne Sober, DVM

From: Desk of Dr. Anne Sober, DVM
Dear fellow dog owner,

How much is peace and quiet worth to you?

If you’re ready to restore calm to your household and discover how to teach your barking dog to bark ONLY when you want it to, for as long as you want it to, this may very well be the most rewarding letter you’ve ever read.

My name is Dr. Anne Sober and I've been a small animal veterinarian in Akron, Ohio for over 24 years. But what I have to share with you today doesn't have anything to do with veterinary medicine or your pet's health.

It does, however, have a great deal to do with your health and peace of mind simply because of the stress and anxiety you're probably feeling day in and day out, all because you're living with a dog who doesn't understand when it's OK to bark and when it's not.

Let me start by telling you, I've spent the last 3 months preparing the information for this project because I saw a huge need in the market for a comprehensive source of information for dealing with the excessive dog barking behavior problem.

And quite honestly, I was stimulated to tackle this whole process for an entirely selfish reason as well.

You see, when my mother-in-law moved into assisted living, my husband and I adopted her dog, "Travis", who turned out to be quite a prolific barker.

His pleasure with his own voice forced me to lay my cards on the table and start trying to implement bark training techniques to help him fit into our household.

When I started looking for additional information to help me with Travis, I quickly became frustrated with the time it took to search web site after web site for little snippets of information I might be able to use.

It didn't take too long for me to decide there had to be a better way.

So I set out to create a resource that every dog owner who needed to discover how to stop excessive dog barking would be able to pick up and find all their answers once and for all.

So before you move on to another web site looking for useful information, keep reading and find out how I've solved all your problems for you and given you all the information and techniques you'll ever need to put together your own dog barking cure.

Here's what this is all about:

If you're reading this letter you're like thousands of other frustrated and bewildered dog owners around the world who has a barking dog that fits one of the following categories:

Maybe your dog barks all day long while you’re at work, creating havoc with your neighbors and threatening to get you evicted or turned in to the police, or...

He barks all night long leaving you exhausted in the morning and irritable or depressed from lack of sleep, or…

She barks at every little sound or motion making it impossible for you to enjoy a quiet, relaxing day at home or even a nice walk in the park, or…

You have to brace yourself for an explosion of barking anytime someone comes to your door and it doesn’t stop the entire time your guests are there, or maybe…

Your dog is just so freakin’ small, fast, and yippy that sometimes you wish you’d never gotten the little rat in the first place and you’re wondering how in the world you can even catch the little sh… to train him at all?

Or finally, you really don't know why your dog barks, but it's gotta stop or you're gonna go insane!

Maybe you’ve tried some dog barking training tricks you read about in a book that didn’t work at all or simply stopped working after a while.

Or, like most dog owners, you’ve got more than one dog and once one gets going, everybody decides to chime in! Then what?

At this point you can’t figure out whether you’re doing something wrong or your dog’s just dumb as a doorknob and not responding the way a “normal” dog would.

Well, you know what? It's not your fault
and you're DEFINITELY not alone!

If you’re on the verge of investing in one of the dog collars to control barking or some other dog training equipment for barking, do you know which product to choose?

How do you know if it’ll hurt your dog or maybe even your cat or other family pets?

And, worse yet, there’re dozens of devices to prevent dog barking on the market so how do you know which products work and which ones don’t?

Or, which one is best for YOUR particular dog and barking behavior?

Is there a difference in how to train a small dog from barking?

And what about getting a puppy to stop barking at night?

The list goes on and on, and the questions just keep on coming…

The last thing you want to do in this situation is waste hundreds of dollars on the wrong equipment, give your dog the wrong instructions, and possibly even make your dog's barking behavior worse than it already is!

So here’s why I’m writing to you…

Don't Even THINK of Buying Any Other Product Until You've Read This Book!

During my 22 years in active practice I helped thousands of dog owners just like you deal with excessive dog barking and training their dogs. A week never went by without one of my clients coming to me asking advice for barking dog problems.

Regrettably , I’ve also seen many families give up and resort to giving away their barker or, worse yet, putting their family pet down simply because they never took the time to really understand barking dog behavior modification and how to train a dog to quit barking.

OK, so it all adds up to this:

Unfortunately, Dogs DO Bark!

It’s part of their nature and, quite honestly, many of our dog breeding decisions over the centuries have actually made excessive dog barking behavior problem s very common. And because of this…

... it’s simply unrealistic to expect to find a dog barking cure that’s 100% cast in stone; and nothing’s going to show you how to make dogs stop barking completely.

Your goal in looking for ways to stop dog barking, therefore, is to look for practical ways to achieve dog barking prevention and effectively controlling barking dog problems once they occur.

To make matters worse, I found it very frustrating as a veterinarian not be able to identify or recommend one comprehensive, easy to use reference my clients could take home to study.

One that would help them find a proven, simple to understand answer to their biggest question…

“How can I get my dogs to stop barking?”

Although there’s been plenty written on the subject of dog barking and training techniques, the information available is scattered in bits and pieces throughout thousands of web sites, articles and paragraphs of books.

UNTIL NOW, no one single source has provided a comprehensive discussion of the entire subject of how to stop dogs from barking excessively.

UNTIL NOW, no one single source included both training techniques and information on bark control devices and collars.

Finally, "The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking" does exactly that!

You'll Never Find Another Resource Like This That Shows You EXACTLY How To Stop Dog Barking

What I'll show you is that training your dog not to bark is a system that follows a specific sequence of steps -- just like spaying a dog or baking a cake. If you do the steps correctly and in the right order, the results are always the same.

And because I wanted to make sure you had every little detail you needed to be successful with dog barking and training your dog to be quiet when asked, I've spent over 150 hours researching, evaluating, and clarifying all the information that's been written about excessive dog barking behavior.

I've compiled all the dog barking training tips and techniques into this one, easy to use resource.

I’ve tried very hard to leave nothing out and anything I discover that’s new or that I missed will be added to each upcoming revision.

And to make sure this resource is even more valuable to you in formulating your solution to dog barking, I've torn apart all the product manuals from manufacturers of dog training equipment for barking and uncovered every little detail about the barking dog products they have to offer.

Last but not least, if you ultimately decide you do want to use dog collars to control barking or some other electronic control for dog barking (which is rarely if ever needed if you follow the steps I lay out for you), I've also gathered actual testimonials from barking dog owners who've really used these products and have shared those comments, GOOD or BAD, here with you.

Although every dog responds to training differently, by hearing what others have to say about these products, you can be confident that the product you ultimately spend you hard earned cash on has a good chance of doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

In a minute, I'll tell you exactly what "The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking" is worth to you, but in the meantime...

Here’s just a sample of the
Little Known Secrets
to STOP DOG BARKING I’ll reveal…

The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR affecting your success in training your dog to stop barking excessively in less than 10 days (Page 13).

The 5 most common reasons dogs bark uncontrollably and how to decide which category your dog fits into (Page 7).

Step-by-step instructions to stop dogs from barking excessively during the most common situations dog owners just like you are struggling with (Page 31).

Why trying to train this category of barker can land you in the hospital and/or jail and what you should do about it (Page 21).

How you may actually be making your dog’s barking worse and don’t even know it (Page 14).

Why hiding your dog’s food can accelerate your ability to eliminate the most common situation where dogs bark excessively (Page 34)

The little-known secret of why giving your dog a weak, ineffective bark deterrent is worse than no deterrent at all (Page 17).

Which dog collars to control barking are better than others, especially for YOUR dog (Pages 25-29).

9 simple things you can do with your dog every day that can conquer excessive barking with no additional training at all (Page 15).

How to convince your dog he’ll get a whole lot more attention if he’s quiet than if he barks all the time (Page 33).

Why leaving this particular kind of barker home alone can actually put your dog’s life at risk (Page 39).

What you absolutely must know about your dog BEFORE you can formulate an appropriate barking dog remedy that fits your particular situation (Page 7).

Three simple steps for how to train a dog to quit barking when YOU want him to (Page 13).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg...

If These Dog Barking Training Tips
Aren't Enough, Here's MORE!

This incredibly easy to understand resource saves you countless hours doing all the same research I’ve already done for you just to find all the articles I’ve reviewed and compiled into this single incredible resource. And that doesn’t even include rewriting the information in an understandable format.

VALUE: $1500.00 (150 hours X $10.00/hr.)

You’ll also save money on buying dog training equipment for barking that doesn’t work because I tell you exactly which products do what they’re supposed to do and which ones are just a piece of junk.

VALUE: $100.00 to $200.00 or more.

And because this all-inclusive resource contains every recommended technique and tip I could find on how to train a dog to quit barking and includes the most practical and effective advice for barking dog problems, you won’t need to buy any other books to help you with implementing barking dog behavior modification and controlling barking dog s any longer.

VALUE: $75.00

So the total value of all the time, effort, and practical information included in "The Definitive Resource to Conquering Dog Barking" bumps up against a


But there’s one more ALL IMPORTANT result of your decision to download your copy of “The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking”!

As soon as you start using the techniques I’ve laid out for you in a simple, step-by-step progression and you begin seeing the results of your efforts and your commitment to training your dog to stop barking, you’ll IMMEDIATELY begin reclaiming your peace of mind.

The nerve-wreaking stress you’ve been experiencing as a result of your dogs’ barking will begin melting away like the winter snow, you’ll feel the irritability simply flow out of you, and you’ll once again look forward to a warm, affectionate, and rewarding relationship with your dogs.

And the value of that my friend… is PRICELESS!

If you've read this far, you know you have to do something NOW to relieve the constant stress and anxiety you've been living with since your dog started its excessive barking behavior!

In fact, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if you've even considered selling your soul to the devil just to discover the real secret to controlling barking dogs.

Well, the price for your quick and easy solution to dog barking isn't going to be nearly that painful!

Although it’s extremely difficult to put a fair price on all the value wrapped up in this single product, "The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking" will eventually be sold for the bargain price of $49.97.

However, because it’s BRAND NEW and still in the early development stage and I'm still doing some fine tuning before it’s completely done, you can pick up your copy today for the ridiculously low price of ONLY...


What's even better, not only can you save up to $20.00 by purchasing TODAY, I’ll also send you every single updated edition as it’s completed with all the latest techniques and all the new product descriptions, all for the same low introductory price.

Since the price will gradually increase to the final price of $49.97 as each revision is published, I can't guarantee how long "The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking" will be available at this amazing price.

Don't waste one more second of your sanity or one more dollar on overpriced and ineffective dog training equipment for barking!

Yes, I deserve to have well-behaved dog, and it's time to take action!

Click the button below to download your instant copy of
"The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking"

If I still haven’t convinced you to download your copy immediately, then let me make your decision an absolute no-brainer!

100% NO-RISK, Can't Loose A Dime,
Try It Out And Give It Back,
Money-back GUARANTEE!!!

Because I’m absolutely confident what you’ll find in this incredible resource is critical to understanding how to stop dogs from barking when you don’t want them to and that your solution to dog barking is right here within your grasp, I’m going to let you use ALL the information I’ve compiled for a FULL 30 days before I even charge your card for the entire amount of your purchase.

I'll only charge your card a nominal $3.97 order fee to make sure your account information is accurate; that's fair isn't it? But if, in the next 30 days you don’t feel the information I've provided in “The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking” is worth every penny I say it is, just send me an email and you won’t owe me another dime!

However, once you start seeing the amazing successes with your dog and you decide you'll continue using the dog barking training tips I teach you, in 30 days your card will be charged automatically for the difference in the full amount shown in this letter today.

BUT WAIT, even better than your unconditional

Because of my experience with thousands of dog owners over the years, I completely understand the havoc a barking dog can wreak on a home.

Worse yet, I've also seen the devastating terminal result that not learning how to train a dog to stop barking can be.

I truly care about you and your relationship with your dog and I believe putting “The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking” into your hands as soon as possible is the fastest way for you to start getting your barking dog under control.

I also know that not every dog responds the same and your dog may be particularly stubborn or the barking may have become so ingrained that it's going to take a while to get the barking under control.

You see, I want you to be successful in finally training your dog to stop barking.

I want you to enjoy that special relationship that a well behaved dog can bring to a family.

So what I’m going to propose to you now doesn’t make much sense and my husband thinks I’m crazy for even thinking about making you an offer like this, but I truly want you to be successful in eliminating your excessive dog barking behavior problem!

So, lean forward and listen to me very carefully:

I’m willing to let you download your copy of this invaluable resource immediately for less than the price of a cheap romance novel…

send you every single new revision as it’s finished with all the added information…

lock in your purchase at today’s price, even if the price goes up in the next 30 days…

let you use all the techniques with YOUR dog for an entire month before you have to decide whether you want to keep it (quite honestly, you can realistically expect to have your dog completely trained by then) and after all that…

Once you’ve officially paid for your copy 30 days from now…

I’ll give you an additional 150 days (that’s a total of 6 FULL MONTHS) to work with your dogs using the techniques in this resource.

You'll be able dig deep into this material to really make sure the training techniques I teach you continue to work for you and your dog and you'll STILL have the opportunity to return the product if your not completely 100% satisfied with it’s quality, usefulness, and ability to show you how to stop your dogs from barking excessively!

Yup, you heard me right!
Try it out for 6 full months...

Examine it, study it, and use this resource to help you fully understand barking dog behavior modification and how to train a dog to quit barking. Implement as many of the techniques as you want, on as many dogs as you want, and really test out the information I’ve given you.

Like we talked about earlier, once you start seeing the results of your efforts and you feel yourself and your household relaxing as a result of controlling barking dog s in your home, I’m positive you’ll NEVER want to send it back.

In fact, you’ll be so pleased with what you’ve found you’ll want to tell all your friends about it so they can find their own solution to dog barking and recover peace and quiet in their homes as well.

The only real question to ask your self is this.

Are you willing to invest less than the price of a dinner for two to discover how to train your dogs to stop barking ON YOUR COMMAND and to implement dog barking prevention strategies so you NEVER have to suffer from an excessive dog barking behavior problem again?

If your answer to this simple question is yes… the button below to complete your instant download and begin using these tips and techniques right away.

YES, I’m ready to learn
How to Train a Dog to Quit Barking NOW!

If you’re still not convinced...

Let me give you even MORE reasons to make your decision TODAY.


As we were talking about earlier, because this is a NEW  PRODUCT and I'm committed to continually improving this resource, I want to hear what you have to say once you start using the information I'm providing for you.

As such, if you're one of the first 50 people who send me your comments (good or bad), I'm going to provide you with either a $5.00 or $10.00 check in exchange for a personal testimonial about your experience with this product.

You'll be able to choose which check you'd like to receive when you finalize your order and your check'll be issued to you just as soon as I receive your comments.

Make sure you get your order in right away, because this bonus rebate will be removed once I receive the first 50 testimonials (good or bad).



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If you're not yet familiar with Dr. Dunbar, he is the founding father of and foremost authority on training dogs using gentle, positive reinforcement and learning to communicate with your dogs on a level they can truly understand.

He essentially invented the entire concept of "puppy training" and proved to the dog training world that dogs less than six months of age could be and should be obedience trained.

During this teleseminar, Dr. Dunbar will candidly answer the most common questions asked about dog training and behavioral problems with dogs.

Because of his very laid-back, easy to understand style, you'll finish this incredible conversation with a wealth of practical information you can immediately implement to help you start training your own dog.

Value: $97.00

If you'd actually like to participate in one of my upcoming calls with Dr. Dunbar...

"The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking"

will be granted a VIP PASS (worth $70.00) to one of our live teleseminars as soon as they are scheduled. This VIP registration is in addition to the download of the complete audio you'll receive whether you attend our live call or not.

Once you've completed your order, you'll be provided with a link to a page where you can enter your question for Dr. Dunbar to answer and claim your personal VIP reservation for the next scheduled teleseminar.

This is an event you


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YES, your offer is more than generous and
I'm ready to start conquering
dog barking TODAY!

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OK, there's nothing else I can put in the bucket.

At this point I've done everything I can to prove to you "The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking" is worth much, much more than the low price I'm asking.

I've removed all the risk, outlined all the valuable information you're going to receive, and I've even thrown in three incredible bonuses worth several times the price of my barking book itself.

I've given you absolutely everything you need to make a decision to download your copy right now.

Now, you must take the next step.

If you've gotten to this point in the letter, you recognize you have a problem and I can promise you that this one of a kind resource is your answer to searching the web for advice for barking dog problems.

Just remember, in as little as 5 minutes you can have your hands on the most comprehensive, easy to understand, all-in-one resource to help you eliminate a major stress factor in your home.

Here's How You Can
Get Started Restoring Your Relationship
With Your Dogs In The Next 5 Minutes...

When you click on the order button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information.

We use a third party secure processing company so unlike some other on-line businesses, your order information is kept completely confidential -- only the processing company and your credit card company have access to the information.

We never even see your card number, the processor just tell us whether the transaction went through OK.

Your order will be processed immediately, and you'll get a receipt for your purchase with a transaction number and a link to where you can download your book right away along with your personal password to access all the links and resources included with this book.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll be diving into this invaluable resource less than 10 minutes from right now.

When you get your copy, look through it a couple times and read the parts that jump out at you right away (I suggest you focus on pages 7-11 so you'll understand why your dog barks the way he does) -- then go back and read it cover to cover.

Try some of the strategies that fit your dog's behavior and give this process your undivided attention for the first week or so. You'll notice a difference with your dog right away, and it'll encourage you to keep working at it until your dog is finally behaving exactly how you want him to.

However quickly your dog responds, you'll use this resource as a constant reference and reminder as you're going through the process.

Remember, I'll only charge your card $3.97 today and the rest won't be due for a full 30 days.

I'm positive that if you knew for sure that the answer to saving your relationship with your dog was in this book you'd want to have it. That's why I want you to have a chance to use these techniques for an entire month before you even have to pay the full amount.

Just click the button below to order your copy of "The Definitive Resource for Conquering Dog Barking" through our secure server and begin regaining control today!

Yes, I'm ready to regain control and
discover my own dog barking cure!

I can help you take back control. But you've gotta take the first step right now.

To your future peace and quiet,

P.S. Just think in less than 10 minutes you can have your hands on the only resource you'll ever need to begin training your dog to stop barking when you want him to and for as long as you want him to. No money wasted on expensive anti-bark collars or professional trainers, and all for less than dinner for two at your local steakhouse.

P.P.S. With this amazing all-in-one resource you'll save weeks surfing the Internet trying to find useful information; you save money on electronic barking dog products; you won't have to purchase another book; and you'll be able to keep all 3 incredible bonuses whether you ask for a refund or not.

Don't waste another second of your time, dealing with your barking dog.

P.P.P.S. If you'd like to read more about Dr. Dunbar, click here.

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